The Bombing of the Senate Tower was an act of terrorism that occurred on the Galactic Republic's capital world of Coruscant in 3653 BBY—just days after the end of the Great Galactic War. The bombing was orchestrated by the rogue Jedi Master Dar'Nala in an attempt to entice the Galactic Senate of the Republic to blame the attack on the Sith Empire and restart the war. The bombing also unintentionally destroyed the classified project files for the scrapped prototype Hammer Station weapon.

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Cold War
(3653 BBY3642 BBY)
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Conflicts of the Cold War
Settling the Great War
(3653 BBY)
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Operation Silent RoarOperation: Derelict
Operation: Etching WheelOperation: Glass Knife
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SaleucamiSenu's fortressSarapin FourSkaross system
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Proxy wars Separatist WarAlderaan Civil War
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