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"The weather's holding, and the clones are moving their support vehicles toward the reservoir. Commander Rootrock has the troops in position on the ridge. It looks like a good morning to die, eh?"
―Bomo Greenbark[src]

Bomo Greenbark was a male Nosaurian native from New Plympto, who served as a scout to the Separatists and fought against the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. Like all Nosaurians, Greenbark was capable of producing a phosphorent flash from his mouth.


Battle of Half-Axe[]

Following Order 66, Greenbark encountered the Jedi Master Dass Jennir, who had survived his troops' betrayal. Greenbark explained to Jennir how the Nosaurians had come to ally themselves with the Separatists because they promised to revive the market for New Plympto's sole export, rikknit eggs. Since they both wished to escape the clone troopers, Greenbark and Jennir embarked into the jungle to seek Greenbark's comrades, but Jennir was captured upon their arrival.

Upon conferring with General Rootrock, Jennir was allowed to live and was given a ship to travel to Coruscant. Jennir returned to New Plympto shortly thereafter to fight against Imperial occupational forces. After one month of losing battles, the Nosaurian rebels finally made their last stand at the Battle of Half-Axe Pass.

Greenbark upon meeting Jennir.

Shortly before joining the battle, Greenbark said goodbye to his wife Mesa and their daughter Resa as the two left with other refugees for Sullust. Upon entering the fray, Greenbark was only able to find General Jennir, as the other commanders had been killed. The two of them pushed farther and farther forward, trying to give the refugees time to escape, but the stormtroopers had them outgunned. However, a stray blast from an attacking tank opened a hole in the ground, trapping Greenbark and Jennir underground until the battle came to a close.

The search for family[]

Once they were able to free themselves, they found the rest of their army slain by the Imperials. Suddenly alone, they decided to make their way to the spaceport at Cadgel Meadows in search of Bomo's family. Once there, they made a failed attempt to hijack the smuggling vessel Uhumele. However, the ship's captain, Schurk-Heren was sympathetic to their circumstances and informed them that the refugees had been taken into Imperial custody, to be sold into slavery on Orvax IV.

However, when they got there, Bomo found out that his daughter was sold, and his wife was killed by the guards for attempting to save Resa. He soon left, leaving Jennir to find out who Resa was sold to. He confronted the slaver who sold her—a Chagrian named Orso Meeto. After gaining the information he needed, Jennir fatally shot Meeto in the head, killing him. The guards chased Jennir, but he escaped. The Uhumele then set off to find Resa.

Upon reaching Calamar, Esseles, the crew of the Uhumele set off to rescue Resa but they soon discovered that she had been killed and eaten by the man who had bought her named Dezono Qua. After hearing the news, Jennir fatally shot the man, and Greenbark became infuriated with Jennir having taken away his chance for revenge and revealed Jennir's Jedi identity to the rest of the crew. Greenbark then left with the rest of the crew onboard the Uhumele, leaving Jennir behind.

New life[]

After a while of getting used to life on board the ship, Bomo began to integrate quite well with the crew. But when they were delivering a crate to the pirate Haka Hai, things went a little wrong, for Hai's right hand, Lumbra stole the crate and escaped. Hai soon figured out that the crate was a fake and that the real crate containing the real treasure was elsewhere. He planned to torture the crew into revealing its location. To spare Crys and Meekerdin-maa, Bomo claimed he was the fourth to know its location, though he didn't actually know.

When it was Bomo's turn to be tortured, his small stature made it impossible for Hai's thugs to chain his legs. He pretended to slip into unconsciousness. Planning to resume the interrogation when they returned, Haka and the torturers left. As soon as they had left the room, Bomo flipped over and broke free by breaking the chains over one of his horns. When Haka returned, he saw that Bomo had escaped. Thinking he had fled out into the swamp, Hai and his thugs left the compound, unaware he was hiding in a box against the wall.

Running through the halls, Bomo met up with his crewmate Crys, who was placed as a slave waitress. Knowing it would only be a matter of time before Hai returned, they went to the armory to collect weapons to defend themselves. Unfortunately, they were spotted by a remaining thug, who began to strangle Bomo. He begged Crys to shoot the thug, and, reluctantly, she shot him in the forehead. She stared, dumbstruck, at the body, saying that she had never killed anyone before. Bomo told her that there was no time to worry about that at the moment, and they used the thug's grenades to blow the door, alerting Hai. Bomo armed up and freed the ship's main engineer Ratty. He set a series of grenades to surprise Hai. He almost shot Crys, who wanted to assist him despite being told to get to the ship. After an intense fight, Greenbark managed to kill every last pirate, including Hai. He and the crew then departed Mimban.

The Muur Talisman[]

Three weeks later in the Expansion Region, Bomo demanded to know what was in the real crate. Heren decided to show him as they were going to sell it soon anyway. Inside was a mysterious object that was only known to many as the Jebble Box, which was fought and/or traded for for fourteen hundred years. Because of all the death that has been caused, Heren wanted to get rid of it. He was expecting to trade it to Fane Peturri, a well-known historian with no underworld connections, on Aridus. Bomo was skeptical of Peturri's allegiance to their cause, but Heren promised that he was on their side and that they would not have another ordeal like Mimban. They arrived on the planet and greeted Peturri. However, Peturri was an agent of the Empire and Darth Vader himself. As Bomo glared angrily at Heren for having been tricked again, the crew was captured and cuffed to posts, their cargo taken. They overheard Peturri researching on the Box, calling it Dreypa's Oubliette and saying that it was carrying the Muur Talisman, an ancient Sith artifact that held the spirit of Karness Muur, and could create rakghouls. Vader sliced the Oubliette open, revealing a young woman in stasis. When she awoke and learned that the Sith had taken over the Galaxy, the crew was witness to the duel between Vader and the ancient Jedi.

Search for Jennir[]

After the events of the Muur-Talisman, Bomo and the rest of the crew traveled to the planet Kidron where they would remain hidden from the Empire. Bomo and his friends, in the face of recent events, mourned the loss of Crys. When Heren made large charges and blamed himself for the cause, Bomo felt helpless because he had not recovered from the brutal death of his own family and had to cope with additional setbacks. In this situation, he regretted his actions for sending Jennir away and wished that the Jedi would be here and give him hope. During their stay in Kidron, Bomo and his comrades were able to find a Verpine Jedi named Beyghor Sahdett, who was also looking for Jennir as well. Now Bomo and his comrades had a new task, namely to support Sahdett and to make the search for his old friend.

This search led them first to the planet Vondarc after they received information from a man named Fish who knew Jennir's location. Once there, the crew were able to arrive to the planet which was the under control by the Empire and find Jennir.

Attempted assassination on Kestavel[]

Eventually, the crew of the Uhumele plotted to assassinate Darth Vader, in an attempt to weaken the Empire. However, after Bomo witnessed Jennir and Meekerdin-maa secretly working on engines in the Uhumele, he confronted his old friend and voiced his suspicions to him.

The day of the attempted assassination, Bomo alerted Jennir to Vader's arrival. Jennir then ordered Bomo to leave to the Uhumele, as well as to tell them not to spare the engines for the Jedi.

Behind the scenes[]

Bomo Greenbark was created for the ninth volume of the Star Wars: Republic comic series and later appeared as a recurring character in the Star Wars: Dark Times comic series. A miniature 34mm scale model figure of Bomo Greenbark was released by Wizards of the Coast for the 2011 The Dark Times expansion pack for the RPG-style game Star Wars Miniatures.