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"Jova said it was good to see me in one piece, particularly since he and the others had wagered that my bones would be joining those of my ancestors."
―Wilhuff Tarkin[src]

Bones were white,[1] rigid tissues that made up the internal skeletal structure of certain lifeforms,[2] including humans,[3] Mirialans,[4] Iktotchi,[5] Twi'leks,[6] Feeorin,[7] Lasat,[8] and krayt dragons.[9] By contrast, the skeleton of the Gungans was made of cartilaginous material rather than bone.[2]

In humanoids, the bone on each side of the face below the eye, forming the prominence of the cheek, was called the zygoma.[10]

The Nightsisters of Dathomir notably used bones, along with tree branches and animal skins, to create the strange structures that stood in their graveyards.[11]

Some types of food contained bones; when Peli Motto instructed her pit droids to fetch food for Grogu, she asked them to get something with bones in it.[12]

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