Bone gnashers were a breed[2] of subterranean[1] arachne native to the planet Endor.[2] Bone gnashers were so called because they were able to rapidly strip the flesh off corpses.[3]

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During the Galactic Civil War, a pack of bone gnashers inhabited the Krayt Cult Cave near Mos Eisley.[1][2] They had been transplanted from Endor to Tatooine,[2] likely by the Krayt Cultists themselves.[3]

Sometime following the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY, a spacer was sent by Tori Radeen to kill bone gnashers in the Krayt Cult Cave, and bring back six poison glands. Tori Radeen used the glands to create a new poison for use by Jabba the Hutt.[1][2]

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