"Bonethrasher was the envy of the Cartel! He was to father a dynasty of arena beasts!"
―Karagga, after Bonethrasher's death[src]

Bonethrasher was the personal rancor of Karagga the Unyielding during the Cold War. He proved itself after only seven months of living when it killed the previous pit champion his master had. After that, it served as a guardian of Karagga's Palace and when a large group of combatants came to kill his master, Bonthrasher was the first obstacle to be thrown in their way. Like the rest of Karagga's defenses, however, it crumbled during the attack.

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Bonethrasher is the first boss in the Operation Hutt Hospitality in Star Wars: The Old Republic. As the instance is the same for Republic and Imperial players it is at the moment unknown who killed Bonethrasher.

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