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This article is about an Easter egg.

This article covers a subject that was included as an Easter egg in a Star Wars Legends source and may not have been considered canon within the Legends continuity.

The Bongo Marauder was a fast manned aquatic craft equipped with a powerful laser cannon[1] capable of detroying enemies in the air and on the ground.[2] It had a personal energy shield and a narrow, white hull with a thin railing installed along the bow. The boat was driven by a lone Human helmsman who steered the boat from a lowered seat at the stern. The Bongo Marauder's helmsman had light skin and wore a white captain's hat, a long-sleeved shirt, and an orange lifejacket.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"stop [sic] answering silly goose questions, and speak of the all-mighty FORCE BOAT"
"Type in "Forceboat" at the chat screen, and see what happens. You have to be over water though!
―User OnlyOneCanoli and Galactic Battlegrounds director Garry M. Gaber[3]

The Bongo Marauder appeared in the 2001 LucasArts video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, accessible by entering the cheat code "scaryneighbor" into the game's chat box.[1] In an online chat session held on June 28, 2001, prior to the game's release, a user named "Jedi_Bib" asked Galactic Battlegrounds director Garry M. Gaber if any Jedi specific units were going to be included, such as a "Force Boat." Gaber replied with a smiley face emoticon that there was no Force Boat.[4] However, in another chat session on October 9, user "OnlyOneCanoli" further inquired about the Force Boat, and Gaber stated that players could enter the code "Forceboat" over water and discover what happens.[3]

However, entering "Forceboat" does not correspond to any cheat codes in the finished game. The Bongo Marauder only spawns if the player types the code while overlooking a body of water, and multiple Bongo Marauders can be generated at one time. The color of the helmsman's shirt changes depending on the player's team color; it can be blue, red, green, yellow, gray, purple, cyan, or orange. Clicking on the Bongo Marauder while controlling it shows a profile image of a Human male against a red background.[1] Unlike most of the cheat codes available in the game, "scaryneighbor" was not revealed in the game's strategy guide,[5] but on the LucasArts website instead. The website did not refer to the Bongo Marauder by name, instead calling it a "Super-killer boat unit."[2]



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