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"The Bongomeken Collective 'tis not far from here. They haven many bombad subs."
―Captain Marsune tells Boss Gallo of the Bongomeken Collective[1]

The Bongomeken Collective base was a base located in the Gungan Swamp on the planet Naboo that belonged to the Gungan manufacturing company Bongomeken Collective. Sometime around the year 3000 BBY, the Gungan Boss Gallo of Otoh Sancture sent Captain Marsune to the base to get the assistance of the company in defeating the warlord Boss Rogoe by way of donating bongos to the Gungan Grand Army. The company agreed and gave Gallo ten bongos. The base consisted of three prefab shelters, a fortress, a command center, two shipyards, three turrets, and two power cores. The base was located in a small clearing in a forest next to a body of water where the company stored its bongos.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The base made its only appearance in the 2001 PC video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds[1] and its expansion pack Clone Campaigns. It appeared in the third mission of the Bass Nass campaign titled "Raid on Spearhead."[2] Though the base is not directly mentioned in the Prima strategy guide for the game, which was released a week prior to the game, the guide does mention that the player must send Marsune to the "Bongomeken Collective."[3]



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