Bonnie Burton is a former Content Developer for Lucas Online, Senior Editor, staff writer for Star Wars Insider magazine, and lead writer for The Official Star Wars Blog. She goes by the handle "bonniegrrl" on those and other sites. At, Burton maintained the kids section that includes drawing tutorials, original crafts and fun educational articles and she created the Star Wars Rocks section where she interviews bands, actors, authors and celebs about their love for the films. On May 7th, 2012, Burton tweeted that Lucasfilm has laid her off.[1]

Burton's "marriage" to R2-D2 at Celebration V earned considerable attention and was featured in a video on the Official Site.[2] In a ceremony at the Celebration Chapel, Darth Maul presided, Darth Vader was R2-D2's best man,[3] model and Star Wars fan Adrienne Curry was a bridesmaid, and Lucasfilm's Stephen J. Sansweet gave Burton away. The two have an "open-source" marriage,[4] and according to Burton, "Exchanging restraining bolts is much more romantic than exchanging rings."[5] Burton also wrote about the history of her relationship with the astromech droid on The Official Star Wars Blog.[6]

Outside of the Star Wars world, Burton is the founder of and has written for such magazines as AuctionRover, BUST, Digit, Geek Monthly, Organic Gardening, Wired, Yahoo! Internet Life, and a myriad of zines.

Niebur Boton—the name of a dead Jedi character appearing in Evasive Action: Prey—is a tuckerization of Bonnie Burton.[source?]

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