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The Book of Imperial Shuttle Plans: Cygnus Spaceworks is fan-art produced under the Lawrence Miller Design label, apparently in 1984. Consisting of blueprints for what later official works would identify as the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle, it has sometimes been mistaken for an official Lucasfilm-authorized product. Certain elements described in the Star Wars Legends continuity, as well as the fully canonical Cygnus Spaceworks, derive from these blueprints. The blueprints also contain a list of star systems, many of which share names with real stars visible from Earth or locations from other science fiction franchises such as Star Trek and Doctor Who.

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The "book" consists of an envelope with three blueprint sheets for an "Imperial Shuttle" that is essentially the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle from Return of the Jedi. It is of note because it apparently uses the name of Cygnus Spaceworks almost a decade before any official source,[1][2][3][4][5][6] and it has been discussed alongside official publications by at least one influential fansite, the Star Wars Technical Commentaries.[7] It is not clear how the name of Cygnus Spaceworks should have found its way into official material from here, but it appears that Shane Johnson, one of the first official authors to reference Cygnus Spaceworks, has worked with Miller on at least one project (a Star Trek fan production entitled the U.S.S. Enterprise Officer's Manual - Revised.)[8]

Beyond the actual shuttle plan (which closely resembles the published set plan in 1983's The Art of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi), the only element which bears any direct connection with canon is the name "General A.F. Motti". While no such character is listed in official sources, a character in A New Hope is canonically identified as Admiral Conan Antonio Motti.

The shuttle is said to be used in the "Cygnus Star Empire", rather than the Galactic Empire. Similarly, the shuttle is described as meeting construction codes in a list of star systems which includes real stars visible from Earth and fictional locations from other science fiction series such as Doctor Who and the original Star Trek series. If taken literally, this list implies that the shuttle satisfies the safety standards of the Daleks, the Romulans, and a society based on Chicago gangsters of the 1920s.

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The page on Lambda-class shuttles at Star Wars Technical Commentaries contains a discussion of the Book of Imperial Shuttle Plans, complete with scans of the blueprints:

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