"On her deathbed, Allya admonished her daughters to follow the Book of Law, a tome of moral and ethical regulations Allya devised to make certain her offspring would never fall as she did."
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The Book of Law or Book of Laws was a book of "magic" and "spells" written by former Jedi Knight Allya.

History[edit | edit source]

Originally, The Book of Law was meant to be a moral guide to teach Allya's female descendants in safe and sane uses of their magic. Since Allya was once a Jedi Knight, she based some of the text on the Jedi Code.[1]

After generations, Allya's children dispersed themselves across Dathomir, creating new clans of Dathomiri Witches, each of which had their own copy of the book. Although the message in each book was based on Allya's original message, each clan added its own discoveries and spells to their copy.[1] Some clans even took Allya's original message and replaced it with various interpretations. One such example of this would be the Nightsisters' Book of Shadows.

Laws[edit | edit source]

Daughters of Allya.
Learn these words and learn them well, for they are the foundations
that will increase your strength and keep you safe from harm.
Those who suffer emotion will never enjoy peace.
Those who choose ignorance will never know their own greatness.
Those who yield to passion will fail to dominate.
Those who fear death will never achieve pure power.
Never forget that your magic must always be used wisely.
Never concede to evil, lest you be consumed by it.[1]

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