The Books of Massassi was a group of engraved tablets written by the Massassi to cover their history.


Shortly after the establishment of the Jedi academy on Yavin 4 in 14 ABY, the tablets were recovered from an underground passage sealed by a collapsed ceiling. Jedi Master Streen began the arduous task of translating them from the ancient language of the Massassi, and had completed his work on sixteen tablets by 16 ABY. Within the texts, Streen found that the Massassi strove for perfection, unsated at their domination of Yavin 4. It was through this pursuit of perfection—or rather, power—that the Massassi were led down the path of the dark side of the Force. Luke Skywalker believed the texts to be from a singular author, a life work of essays describing Massassi history and religion. Some people believed the books to be the original sacred texts of the Massassi, recorded orally by educated slaves.


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