Boonda, the son of Groodo, was a reformed criminal Hutt who went into legitimate business after having failed to attend the Corulag Academy. During the Galactic Civil War, he was known to trade with the Rebel Alliance. The Hutt was the proud owner of the YT-2000 freighter Vo Granee Droi, an astromech droid called Beedibeedi, and his own moon. Boonda was smaller and more agile than many of his fellow Hutts and rarely used his repulsorlift sled.

Among the various criminals he employed were Captain Huba and Olag Greck. When Greck tried to poison him, Boonda ordered his execution to occur on the spot. Greck lied and told the Hutt that Huba had done it, so Boonda sent Huba and his group to work a crystal mine. Years later, C-3PO and R2-D2 arrived at his palace, bringing with them a droid rebellion.

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