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Boonta's Eve, or Boonta Eve, was one of three holidays established to commemorate the victories of the Hutts against the Parliament of Moralan and Xim the Despot at the Third Battle of Vontor. It was named after Boonta the Hutt.


Boonta's Eve was said to derive from Boonta the Hutt's speech to his kin, loyal retainers and favored slaves the night before the Third Battle of Vontor. Boonta proclaimed that he would sooner die than live under the rule of Humans like Xim the Despot. In the ensuing battle, the Hutts were victorious, and the anniversary of Boonta's speech was celebrated as a Hutt holiday where slaves renewed their vows of obeisance. In return, they were rewarded with a feast and gifts from their masters.

The holiday was celebrated on various Hutt-dominated planets, including Ko Vari, Arami, and Tatooine, with the organizing of various racing sports, including Podracing. This was said by the Hutts to derive from the practice of forcing Tionese prisoners taken at Vontor to run while the Hutts wagered on the results. The stragglers in each heat would be put to death until the sole survivor was proclaimed winner.[1]

On Tatooine, the festival was observed mainly in parts of Mos Espa, most notably with the Boonta Eve Classic. The night of the event was sometimes the target of hoodlums aligned with Lady Valarian, who robbed the elderly, and mugged people who ventured outdoors. Such gangs were based out of town and were sometimes nicknamed "the Boonta Eve bandits".[2]



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