Boonta Eve Podrace was the eighth and final expansion card pack of the Young Jedi Collectible Card Game produced by Decipher and released on September 5, 2001. It was based around Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, specifically elements relating to the Boonta Eve Podrace. Almost every single card released in this set is bordered yellow. Also, new Light Side Podracer pilots were added into the mix. A new "objective" card was added in as well, the Boonta Eve Podrace. This featured Podracing, in which the players could compete using pods and pilots to win. Players could put "Thrust" cards on their podracers, using the destiny numbers from 1-6. Once they achieved a 6, then they put a "lap" token on the objective card, clear the "thrust" cards and start a new lap. First player to complete 3 laps, wins the game automatically (regardless of the planet in play, or where the players are at with their deck, see victory conditions on the main Young Jedi Collectible Card Game page).

This expansion contained 60 cards.

Card types[]

  • Characters: 32
    • Light Side: 15
    • Dark Side: 17
  • Weapons: 10
    • Light Side: 6
    • Dark Side: 4
  • Battle Cards: 8
    • Light Side: 4
    • Dark Side: 4
  • Effects: 6
    • Light Side: 3
    • Dark Side: 3
  • Starships: 2
    • Light Side: 1
    • Dark Side: 1
  • Objectives: 2
    • Light Side: 1
    • Dark Side: 1

Card list[]

  1. Anakin Skywalker, Boonta Eve Podracer Pilot
  2. Yoda, Jedi Instructor
  3. C-3PO, Human-Cyborg Relations Droid
  4. Jira, Pallie Vendor
  5. Kitster, Anakin's Friend
  6. Wald, Anakin's Friend
  7. Seek, Anakin's Friend
  8. Amee, Anakin's Friend
  9. Melee, Anakin's Friend
  10. Captain Tarpals, Gungan Leader
  11. Boles Roor, Podracer Pilot
  12. Elan Mak, Podracer Pilot
  13. Neva Kee, Podracer Pilot
  14. Wan Sandage, Podracer Pilot
  15. Shmi Skywalker, Anakin's Mother
  16. Boles Roor's Podracer
  17. Elan Mak's Podracer
  18. Neva Kee's Podracer
  19. Wan Sandage's Podracer
  20. Comlink
  21. Hold-Out Blaster
  22. Dis Is Nutsen
  23. Masquerade
  24. No Giben Up, General Jar Jar
  25. What Does Your Heart Tell You?
  26. All-Out Defense
  27. Bravo Squadron
  28. Hologram Projector
  29. Boonta Eve Classic
  30. Amidala's Starship
  31. Sebulba, Dug Podracer Pilot
  32. Watto, Podrace Sponsor
  33. Aurra Sing, Formidable Adversary
  34. Jabba The Hutt, O Grandio Lust
  35. TC-14, Protocol Droid
  36. Orr'UrRuuR'R, Tusken Raider Leader
  37. UrrOr'RuuR, Tusken Raider Warrior
  38. RuuR'Ur, Tusken Raider Sniper
  39. Sil Unch, Neimoidian Comm Officer
  40. Graxol Kelvyyn and Shakka
  41. Corix Venne, Bith Musician
  42. Reike Th'san, Arms Smuggler
  43. Meddun, Nikto Mercenary
  44. Rum Sleg, Bounty Hunter
  45. Aehrrley Rue, Freelance Pilot
  46. Jedwar Seelah, Explorer Scout
  47. Chokk, Klatooinian Explosives Expert
  48. Tatooine Backpack
  49. Gaderffii Stick
  50. Hold-Out Blaster
  51. Watto's Datapad
  52. Colo Claw Fish
  53. He Always Wins!
  54. Bounty Hunter
  55. Two-Pronged Attack
  56. All-Out Attack
  57. Eventually You'll Lose
  58. Gangster's Paradise
  59. Boonta Eve Classic
  60. Viceroy's Battleship

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