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Boonta Hestilic Shad'ruu was the Hutt who gave his name to the holiday and the planet previously known as Ko Vari. According to Hutt lore, Boonta the Hutt ascended to godhood after his victories over the Parliament of Moralan and the Empire of Xim.


Leader of the Hutt colony of Ko Vari, Boonta Hestilic Shad'ruu shot to prominence when his planet was invaded by the forces of Xim the Despot during his war with the Hutts. Although the Hutts were driven from the world, Boonta managed to delay the Tionese forces with wave after wave of suicide attacks, sacrificing thousands of his own slaves in the process. Consequently, the Hutts were able to rally and defeat Xim's drive to the treasure world of Sleheyron.

Boonta's leadership at Ko Vari impressed the Hutt leader, Clan-General Kossak Inijic Ar'durv, who gave him command of privateers raiding Xim's supply lines in Tionese space. When Kossak challenged Xim to ritual combat at the planet Vontor, Boonta was responsible for the strategy that defeated Xim in space and on the ground at the First and Second Battles of Vontor.

In the aftermath of the Second Battle of Vontor, Tionese forces withdrew from the Hutt vassal planet of Moralan, where they had sponsored an uprising among the Hutt slaves and established a puppet republic. With the Tionese gone, Boonta invaded the system and destroyed the Parliament of Moralan, sterilizing the planet as an example to the rest of the Hutts' slaves.

Kossak the Hutt challenged Xim to a third ritual combat on Vontor. With his military resources running desperately low, the Despot agreed. However, the Hutts' numbers had been bolstered by the addition of Klatooinian, Nikto and Vodran warriors bound to the Hutts by the Treaty of Vontor. His numbers overwhelming, Boonta the Hutt's forces destroyed Xim's army and fleet in the Third Battle of Vontor, taking thousands of Tionese prisoner, among them Xim the Despot himself.

In the aftermath of the war, the planet Ko Vari was renamed Boonta in the Hutt commander's honor. Boonta would additionally be honored with the Hutt holiday of Boonta's Eve, said to be the anniversary of the night before the Third Battle of Vontor, when Boonta addressed his kin, retainers and favored slaves before the fighting.



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