"Bor Gullet can feel your thoughts. No lie is safe. [...] Bor Gullet will know the truth. The unfortunate side-effect is that one tends to lose one's mind."
Saw Gerrera to Bodhi Rook[src]

Bor Gullet was a purple-skinned Mairan with the ability to read thoughts. Saw Gerrera used it to torture Bodhi Rook on Jedha to ascertain the truth behind his claim of being in contact with Galen Erso. Afterwards, Rook was for a time left a gibbering wreck, unable to speak a coherent thought and acting very panicky. Despite this, Rook showed some resilience, as he recovered upon hearing himself referred to as "the pilot," and was able to recover enough of his senses to escape from Jedha when Jedha City was targeted by the superlaser of the Galactic Empire's Death Star superweapon.[1]

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