Borath Maddeus was a Human male who eventually rose to become the Director of the Galactic Alliance Intelligence Service and the Head of Galactic Alliance Security. During Natasi Daala's time as Chief of State of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, Maddeus became a part of and secretly supported the Lecersen Conspiracy. He was later found out and replaced by Garik Loran.


Around 14 ABY Borath Maddeus started working as an officer with the New Republic Intelligence Service. Later during Yuuzhan Vong War, he was setting up resistance movements on conquered and endangered planets during which he met Stavin Thaal, later the Chief of Army Operations. After the war, Maddeus continued in the Galactic Alliance Intelligence Service and was later promoted to General. In the aftermath of the Second Galactic Civil War, Belindi Kalenda was removed from her position as Director of Galactic Alliance Intelligence and Maddeus was appointed in her place and was also placed as Head of the newly formed Galactic Alliance Security.[1]

In 44 ABY Maddeus entered into the Lecersen Conspiracy with a supportive, and extremely secret, role. When the conspiracy fell apart, he was scared that his fellow conspirators that were captured would reveal his involvement. Maddeus tried to silence all the remaining conspirators, killing the captain Hunor and sending two Wraith Squadron's squad after General Stavin Thaal. The operations went good but, unfortunately for Maddeus, Garik “Face” Loran figured out Maddeus' plans and unveiled Maddeus, who was arrested.[1]



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