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Borborygmus Gog was the Shi'ido scientist who was placed in charge of Project Starscream by Emperor Palpatine.


During his early years, he attended the Chandrilan Academy of Sciences along with Mammon Hoole. They were later hired by the Galactic Republic to counter the bioweapons of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars.

In their labs on the planet Kiva, where they were moved after the so-called Jedi Rebellion, they tinkered with the ability to control life and death. Hoole became alarmed when he realized their experiments were draining the life from Kiva. Despite this, Gog decided to continue the experiments. The experiments eventually wiped out all life on the planet, including the Kivans. The experiments on Kiva were deemed a failure, which Gog blamed on Hoole. Gog continued Project Starscream in secret. Unfortunately for Gog, his former partner always seemed to show up to put an end to his experiments. Gog researched the Force and created the "Essence Stealer," which would rip out life essences, and store them in a crystal matrix. The essences could then be studied. Gog hoped to remove the life-essence of a Jedi by posting legends of Jedi Knights under the name of ForceFlow to attract Force-sensitive individuals to the space station, Nespis VIII. One such individual was Tash Arranda, the niece of Mammon Hoole.

Gog was believed to have fallen to his death on Nespis VIII, but reappeared on Kiva hoping to capture Hoole and regain control over Project Starscream. Gog activated the biological weapon Eppon, but it turned on him, forcing him to kill it. Gog himself was executed by the wraiths of the dead Kivans, after it was revealed that he was the one responsible for their deaths.

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The character's name is spelled Borborygamous Gog on Hyperspace. This is probably a typographical error.



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