Bordal was an Outer Rim planet in the Taroon system. It was one of two habitable planets in the system, and its primary inhabitants were Humans.


In 214 BBY, an outbreak of the plague-like Bordal Contagion occurred on Bordal. The Galactic Republic developed an antidote on the planet Tauber and began shipping it through the planet Kabal. The shipments, however, never reached their destination, as the transports carrying them were attacked by the Fujari pirates, who ruined six million doses. The Republic took no action against the Fujari, and millions of Bordali died until the neighboring Rseikharhl eventually began manufacturing the antidote for the Bordali.[3]

Bordal was part of the Galactic Republic and, later, the Galactic Empire. It was still fighting a decades-old war with neighboring Kuan in 20 BBY, although no one remembered the original cause of the war. The Bordali economy was in ruins, and the planetary government declared martial law.

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