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The border assault post, originally the Galactic Republic's Waypoint Station Morne—officially Republic Outpost Four—during the Cold War, was a reconstituted Sith Empire military station built on Taris. It served as a secure base for soldiers and medical personnel during the reconstruction of Taris. It was located east of Waypoint Stations Aurek and Waypoint Station Draay, in the Verdant Marshes section of the Tularan Marsh region on Taris.[1]


Commander Yajek led Waypoint Station Morne as well as the various Republic scouts, riflemen and officers based within. Private Selro was one of these Republic soldiers. Also located at Morne were two non-combat Republic personnel; Archivist Wintag and Hacken Berge. Both were historians working with the Taris Resettlement Initiative.[1][2][3]




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