"You're a traitor."
"No, Borgin. You're the traitor.
―Kaa accuses Oarr of being a traitor[src]

Borgin Kaa was a human male from the planet Onderon who served as a mining baron on a moon of the planet Sevarcos. As an old man, he lived in Cloud City on the planet Bespin where he awaited an implant after suffering heart problems. After the Anoat sector containing Bespin was placed under the Iron Blockade following the Battle of Endor, Kaa remained loyal to the Empire despite his implant being delayed. During an uprising against the Empire within the Anoat sector, rebel agents of the uprising forced their way into his home in order to use his access panel, which was connected with that of Governor Ubrik Adelhard, the man controlling the blockade. Kaa locked his doors and resisted the intruders, but was easily overpowered and captured. Jintar Oarr, a former friend of Kaa's who had sided with the uprising and helped them gain entry to his home, attempted to persuade Kaa that the Empire were lying to him and needed to be stopped, but Kaa refused to listen. With the help of Kaa's girlfriend, the dancer Linara, the rebels then gagged and bound Kaa and begun drilling into the access panel.


"The Emperor is dead, Bor. It's been confirmed."
"Lies. Of course, that's what his type would have you believe!
―Oarr tries to convince Kaa to join his cause[src]
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Borgin Kaa lived on Cloud City during the Iron Blockade.

Borgin Kaa was a human male born on the planet Onderon. In his youth he served as a mining baron on one of the moons of the planet Sevarcos but in old age he retired to Cloud City on the gas giant Bespin. There he lived on one of the city's more luxurious levels with his much younger girlfriend, the dancer Linara. Due to heart issues brought on by old age, Kaa signed up for an implant to cure the condition, and was forced to treat it with tinctures in the meantime. Before he reached the top of the implant list, the death of Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine at the Battle of Endor caused the entire Anoat sector, including Bespin, to be placed under blockade by Imperial Governor Ubrik Adelhard, who intended to stop any news of the Emperor's death reach the sector's citizens. All implant operations were ceased during the blockade, and so Kaa was forced to wait, blaming the Alliance to Restore the Republic for the blockade and remaining loyal to the Empire.[1]

The blockade of the Anoat sector soon led to an uprising of many of its occupants, and during a New Republic-backed conflict on Cloud City several rebels attacked Kaa's home in order to make gain access to the apartment's access panel, which was on the same network as Adelhard's personal access panel. Kaa locked his door and hid inside his home with Linara, but the rebels were able to cut their way through the entryway with a blowtorch. As the door fell, Kaa attempted to attack the intruders with an ancient Vinzor Legacy vase, but only succeeded in hitting the door frame before he was forced to surrender at blaster point by the four rebels. He immediately recognized two of his attackers; the infamous local miscreant Kars Tal-Korla and his former friend and fellow luxury level resident Jintar Oarr. Angry at his friends betrayal, Kaa made to accuse Oarr, but was forced to the floor by the Devaronian rebel Rorna, who drove the butt of her blaster into his head. The fourth rebel, a personnel assistant droid, was then sent to locate the access panel.[1]

Oarr requested the opportunity to speak with his old friend, which the other rebels granted, and tried to persuade Kaa that the Empire had been lying to them. Refusing to believe that the Emperor was dead or that the Empire had betrayed him, Kaa attempted to attack Oarr when he requested the retired mining baron's help; however, he was stunned by his own attempt to headbutt Oarr. Tal-Korla then asked for the access codes to the access panel, which Kaa refused to give, forcing the droid to begin drilling through the panel. The rebels then began to bind Kaa so he would be no further trouble, causing him to cry out for help from Linara. His former girlfriend instead offered to aid the rebels, and ignoring Kaa's pleas and threats she then taped his mouth shut. Rorna then suggested torturing their captive to get the codes, but Tal-Korla forbade it as his allies in the New Republic did not like such methods. He then contact with other rebels elsewhere on Cloud City and had them report his status to Lobot and Lando Calrissian, two prominent figures within the uprising and New Republic.[1]

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"Linara, I've been good to you. We love each other. Don't you do this to me. I'll punish you! I'll punish your whole family! I'll end their loans and stack debtors against them and—"
―Kaa's pleas quickly turn to threats after Linara betrays him[src]

Borgin Kaa was a human male who in old age required tinctures for heart issues. During the attack on his home he panicked in the belief that he had forgotten to take his tincture earlier that day which could result in his death. Kaa believed that the Empire had been good to him and others like Oarr, and refused to believe that they had been lying to him or that Palpatine was actually dead. Instead he assumed that was Oarr was telling him was rebel propaganda, and hope that the Empire would make things right again and punish those who intruded into his home. He also believed that his girlfriend Linara loved him as he had treated her well, but after she betrayed him his statements of surprise quickly turned to threats against her family. As a younger man Kaa had been in several fights, but by the time he lived on Bespin he was well beyond fit fighting shape, failing to even shatter a vase he used as a weapon when he smashed it against a wall and then damaging himself more than his opponent when headbutting Oarr.[1]

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Borgin Kaa first appeared in the novel Aftermath, which was written by Chuck Wendig and released in 2015.


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