"Borgles are more than mean. It's like they're evil right down to their core. Maybe because of all the time they spend in their caves, in the dark."

Borgle bats were large, nocturnal creatures native to the caves of Rori, one of the moons of Naboo. Being carnivorous creatures, they were known for capturing living prey and bringing them back to their warrens, where they would slowly drain the bodies of blood. They would then stack the bones of their victims in large cairns within their prescribed nesting area.

Brave animal handlers would often attempt to capture Borgle bats for the use of arena pit-fighting. Members of the Zabrak species specialized in Borgle-wrangling, and more than one committed animal trainer, lost their limbs to an unmanageable Borgle. In 1 ABY the Imperial bioengineers known as Dusque Mistflier and Tendau Nandon traveled to Rori to explore the Borgle bat caves. They discovered an oversized female Borgle bat protecting a nest for their young.

The borgles were not believed to be originally native to Rori. Their homeworld was a mystery, but they also occurred on Endor.

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Borgle bats appeared in the video game Star Wars Galaxies, a massively multiplayer online-role playing game developed by Sony and published by LucasArts, prior to its closure on December 15, 2011.

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