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"Borgo Prime is filled with people who have no conscience—thieves, murderers, creatures who would just as soon kill you as greet you."
Iltar, to Beknit[src]

Borgo Prime was a spaceport built into an asteroid in the Outer Rim. It was inhabited by merchants, information brokers, and all variety of unsavory individuals.


Before it had been a spaceport, Borgo Prime was originally a Rakata colony.[2]

Over the course of millennia, the asteroid was hollowed out by miners. By approximately 23 ABY, the miners had left Borgo Prime a bare, sponge-like rock, with its resources completely depleted. However, when the miners had left, they left behind the equipment that had been used to make Borgo Prime habitable. As a result, Borgo Prime transitioned from being barren and lifeless into a bustling center of trade and commerce.

By 19 ABY, it served as a financial center of the Imperial Remnant.[4]



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