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"I guess Mr. Borkus was actually telling the truth... for once."

Borkus was a male Sullustan who resided on the planet Abafar during the Clone Wars. There, he owned and cooked for his diner, Power Sliders, in Pons Ora.


When an amnesiac clone commando known as Gregor became stranded on the planet, the opportunistic Borkus took his equipment and gave him the job of a dishwasher at his local establishment, providing him with low-quality housing of which he told Gregor his pay could barely afford.

When D-Squad arrived on the world, Colonel Meebur Gascon went into Borkus's diner for food and announced that he was from the Grand Army of the Republic. Borkus forced him to leave, so WAC-47 led Gascon to the garbage cans out back to see if there was anything he could eat there.

When Gascon met Gregor who was taking out the trash, Meebur knew at once he was a clone trooper, but Gregor did not believe him. Later, Borkus was asked by Gregor what a clone trooper, he became very angry when being questioned about it and warned his employee to never say the word again.

Later, Gregor and D-Squad broke into the diner at night, searching for Gregor's clone armor, when Borkus walked in with it. Borkus pointed Gregor's own DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System at him, and eventually the Sullustan ended up on the floor, tied up thanks to the tow cables of D-Squad. He went seemingly insane as he told them that they would never get off the planet and would be forced to work for him forever and burst out laughing, causing Gregor to quit his job and aid D-Squad in escaping the planet.[1]



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