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This article is about the Sullustan. You may be looking for the Trandoshan.
"I guess Mr. Borkus was actually telling the truth... for once."

Borkus was a male Sullustan who resided on the planet Abafar during the Clone Wars. There, he owned and cooked for his diner, Power Sliders, in Pons Ora. Taking on an Amnesiac clone trooper known as Gregor after finding him stranded on the planet, Borkus gave him the job of a dishwasher at his local establishment, and provided him with low-quality housing of which he told Gregor his pay could barely afford. It wasn't until D-Squad arrived on the world that Gregor, realizing his true identity as a soldier in the Grand Army of the Republic, quit his job, leaving Borkus in need of a new employee.[1]

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