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"While I don't think I can hold Borleias, I might be able to make it a name that causes little Vong children to whimper."
Wedge Antilles, during the Second Battle of Borleias[3]

Borleias was the fourth and only inhabited planet in the Pyria system. It was located in the Colonies, at the edge of the Galactic Core and along the Namadii Corridor.

Every year it went through a meteor shower. A jungle planet with beautiful beaches and seas, it was poor in natural resources.


Galactic Republic era[]

Alderaan Biotics facility.

Borleias was the site of an Alderaan Biotics operation established about 700 BBY. The Galactic Republic established a small base on the world, using it as a waypoint for transport to the Corporate Sector.

In 27 BBY, the Outbound Flight expedition traveled through the system on its voyage from Yaga Minor to the Unknown Regions.[4]

Galactic Civil War[]

Under the Galactic Empire, the Alderaan Biotics facility was converted into a blackmarket production facility by General Evir Derricote before he was transferred to Coruscant to create the Krytos virus for Ysanne Isard. The world was otherwise left largely alone. To prevent a potential Rebel incursion to the world (a possible stepping-stone to the Core Worlds), the Empire expanded its military base, including four ion cannons and two TIE Fighter squadrons.

General Derricote and Borleian scientist.

Calling it the code name "Blackmoon", the New Republic finally captured the world after a first failure in 6.5 ABY. The New Republic fortified Borleias as a forward base, using it as a branch for the Invasion of Coruscant. Later, its facilities were used to create the cure for the Krytos virus.[5] Wraith Squadron was stationed on Borleias while they were in training and helped to defend it against an assault by Warlord Zsinj.[7] An assassination attempt against Imperial Head of State Jagged Fel on Coruscant was perpetrated by turncoat stormtroopers funded with monetary accounts from a dummy company on Borleias.[6] Then in 44 ABY, the transport Dust Dancer visited Borleias in preparation for the Jedi coup against Natasi Daala on Coruscant.[8]

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