The Bormu were an enormous herbivorous creature that inhabited the green plains of Balmorra. Bormus moved in herds through the plains and, despite their enormous size, they were gentle beasts and quite friendly to the people of the nearby settlements. They did not attack anyone and, if threatened, they relied on the strength of the entire herd for protection, stomping the predator.

When Imperial forces bombarded the planet during the Cold War, many of the slow-moving giants were wiped out. With their number drastically decreased, bormus had to face the pollution from the destroyed factories of the planet, which poisoned the land, their only source of food. Since their numbers were so low after the bombardment, they were easily overwhelmed by smaller but faster predators, such as the zeldrate.

At the end of the conflict, the bormu was at the brink of extinction, and only a few specimens survived the entire war.



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