"The Januul and the Borokii have been at odds for as long as anyone can remember. Who should have preeminence among the Alwari has been cause for fighting for hundreds of years."
Bayaar, to the Jedi and their companions.[src]

The Borokii were considered the most powerful overclan of the Alwari nomad tribes of Ansion. Maintaining their livelihoods within the transitory bounds of a portable camp, they were armed with traditional long knives and Malarian laser pistols and had herds of surepp.

The Borokii were ruled by a Council of Elders and contained twelve sub-clans, including the most preeminent among them, the Situng Borokii. Their traditional enemies were the Januul; as of 22 BBY, they had clashed for centuries over which tribe should be senior among the Alwari. At the time of the Jedi mission to Ansion, the Borokii were the ruling overclan of the Alwari tribes.



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