Bortrek was a male Human and the Captain of the Pure Sabacc.


After the rebellion on Durren he stole several of their artifacts to be sold to Sandro the Hook. He also came across the lifeboat that Marcopius had used to escape the Borealis, where he unceremoniously dumped his body out of the airlock and stole the droids C-3PO and R2-D2. He dismantled R2's legs and used him as a navicomputer, and used 3PO to appraise what he had stolen. He later got drunk and passed out when R2 lowered the oxygen content onboard the Pure Sabacc. After taking over the ship, he was coerced to take 3PO and R2 to Nim Drovis, where he dropped them off. He also had an ex-wife.

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