Borus's Boys was a child gang that existed on Cularin during the Clone Wars.


The boys hung around in Gadrin Dump and they would be chased away by Borus Ferthyn, a vagrant who lived there. However, he wasn't serious about this and the boys liked him and were sad when he was killed by the Thaereian military. The Thaereian unit Task Force Vermin began kidnapping children on Cularin and a number of the boys were taken by them. The Heroes of Cularin were investigating the disappearances and wanted to speak to the boys, but when they approached them, the children pelted them with objects they fired from their slingshots. However, eventually the heroes persuaded the boys to speak to them and they explained about the disappearances. The boys were led by Fallon. Jarro Freen and Garren were also members of the gang.



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