"If it's anywhere meal time, Mish will even accept a lunch, which distracts him just as well."
Platt Okeefe[src]

Borval Mish was an Imperial lieutenant who worked for Imperial Customs as a customs officer. He patrolled the cargo bays in Byblos Tower 214. He was described as energetic and of short stature, and was said to be quite a nervous person.

He had several characteristic traits. When conducting inspections, he was thorough, noting everything in his datapad and checked even the most obscure nooks and corners of the starship under inspection. He tended to be offended if someone commented on, or made fun of, his size and would threaten to report whoever made the comment for failing to cooperate with an Imperial customs officer. He had a weakness for food, and often spent much time investigating random crates for edibles, so he could sample them. Smuggler Platt Okeefe reported to always have a number of crates with edibles aboard when making runs in his sector so as to distract him. So fond of edibles was he that he sometimes would forget to check the rest of the ship. She also reported that he would accept lunch as a bribe.

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