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These freighters were operated by the smuggler Borvo the Hutt of Naboo, one of which acted as his personal transport. They were used for smuggling for Borvo's Nal Raka Criminal Empire. Borvo donated three to the Royal Naboo Security Forces to hold liberated slaves but betrayed the Security Forces. Gavyn Sykes tracked Borvo's transport to Porso Hill and destroyed it, forcing Borvo to flee.


The freighter was beige in color and had multiple mounted guns. The forward command section was capable of splitting off and acting as an escape pod.


Borvo had at least four of these freighters in his fleet, one of which acted his his personal transport. Piloted by Adela Tyché, Borvo used the freighter for his smuggling runs throughout the Outer Rim when he was trying to establish his criminal empire. Operating out of the northern Naboo mountains during the Invasion of Naboo, Borvo and his ship came under fire from Trade Federation forces. Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes escorted the freighter to Borvo's base, and in return the Hutt provided valuable intelligence. Borvo sent three of his freighters to pickup rescued civilians. A ship of this type was later seen leaving a plasma mining camp, which Sykes spotted and wondered whether or not it was Borvo's. Sykes later destroyed Borvo's transport and it's accompanying starfighters when Borvo revealed his plan to turn Naboo civilians in as slaves for a bounty.

Borvo was on board when the freighter was destroyed, but retreated to Nal Hutta in the cockpit module. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, Borvo's personal ship was a yacht called the Prosperous Secret.

Behind the scenes[]

Concept art of Borvo's Freighter

This freighter's type has only appeared is in the 2000 video game Star Wars: Episode I: Battle for Naboo, and has no official designation or class.