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"I got what I thought was a deal on this ship."
―Bosbit Matarcher on his faulty Delemedian starhopper.[src]

Bosbit Matarcher was a male Human from Delemede. In 212 BBY, after a relativistic shield malfunction during a brief hyperspace jump, Matarcher found himself nearly two hundred years in the future. This brought Matarcher brief fame, giving him a small Holonet News interview. However, Matacher was actually happy because of the experience; when he had left in 212 BBY, Delemede was run down, but by 22 BBY, the planet was flourishing.


Bosbit Matarcher was a Human male from the planet of Delemede. In 212 BBY, when he was 35 standard years old, Matarcher bought a Delemedian starhopper, thinking he had gotten a great deal for the starship. However, when he engaged the hyperdrive to take a quick jump outsystem, the relativistic shield on the starhopper—which was supposed to protect Matarcher from the strange bends in time and space associated with traveling at this hypervelocity—malfunctioned. The journey to leave the Delemede system took a mere two hours to Matarcher, but when he exited hyperspace, he found that to the outside galaxy, 190 years had passed, putting Matarcher in the era of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's tenth year in office.[1]

This extreme and unusual malfunction brought Matarcher brief notority, resulting in a small Holonet News interview which detailed Matarcher's experience. In the interview, Matarcher said he would be returning to Delemede, but his time, he would be flying transit.[1]

Personality and traits

Despite the fact Matarcher had travelled 190 years through time, he appeared to be happy that the malfunction had occurred. When he had left Delemede in 212 BBY, the planet was shoddy and run down, but in 22 BBY, Delemede was thriving.[1]


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