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Botajef was a planet located in the Belsmuth sector of the Outer Rim Territories, at the confluence of the Salin Corridor and Hydian Way hyperspace routes. It was the homeworld of the Jefi species and the headquarters of Botajef Shipyards.


In the years after the end of the Clone Wars,[3] the planet[4] was ruled by the Galactic Empire through an Imperial governorship. Governor Quesl, however, declared the planet's secession against the Empire, mobilizing the Botajef Defense Force to defend the planet against the Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera captained by Commodore Thrawn. Thrawn, however, defused the situation after revealing the secession was merely a ruse to facilitate the governor's theft of a collection of extremely valuable Jefi artwork, returning Botajef to the Empire's fold.[3]

While near Botajef, the bulk freighter Eravana suffered a malfunction when its Thorsen field driver punctured the housing for its warp vortex stabilizer.[5]

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