The Bothan Council, later known as the Combined Clans and Combined Bothan Clans, was the primary political body of Bothawui and the Bothan species. The Council was composed of members of 608 registered clans, with other clans petitioning for membership. The Council had legislative control over all of Bothan Space. The Council elected one of their own members to serve as First Secretary, also called the Council Chief. The Secretary served for one year, and voted to break a tie. The Council also had the authority to declare a state of ar'krai. During the Galactic Civil War, Savielk Trey'dra led the Bothan Council, and they assumed control over most of the other organs of the Bothan government, with only the Bothan Diplomatic Corps remaining independent. After the Civil War, it was officially renamed the Combined Clans, but many continued to refer to it as the Bothan Council. The offices of the heads of the Combined Clans were housed in the Combined Clans Center Building near Merchant's Square in Drev'starn.



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