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Bothan Spy BFII

A Bothan Spy of the Bothan High Command.

The Bothan High Command was a supreme military group of Bothan commanding officers based on Yavin 4 during the Galactic Civil War.


Due to the immense assistance of Bothan spies to the Rebellion effort, the Rebel Alliance assigned three Bothan leaders to high officer status, stationing them on Yavin 4 to overlook the secondary Rebel posts on the planet, aside from the primary Massassi Temple Base. After the major Rebel victory at Battle of Yavin, the Bothan High Command's forces on Yavin IV were at last free to relax, and so were not prepared for the sudden retaliatory attack of survivors of the Imperial 501st Legion at their hangar-base. The base was successfully raided, and although the Bothan High Command were able to clothe themselves in stealth field generators, the stormtroopers, nevertheless, overwhelmed and exterminated all three of them as quickly as possible.


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