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"As I’ve said on countless occasions, my lord, the fleet is already too scattered. On the Admiralty's counsel, the navy is now redirecting resources from as far away as Rothana and Bothawui."
―Deputy Director Harus Ison reports to the Emperor[src]

Bothawui was an asteroid fieldringed[3] gas giant[4] located in Bothan Space,[2] of the galaxy's Mid Rim.[1] Several of the individuals who taught the human Wilhuff Tarkin to fly starships originated on this world, despite the great distance between the world and the planet Eriadu where Tarkin lived.[5] Bothawui was considered to be strategically important during the Clone Wars.[3] Many years later, Imperial resources were redirected from Bothawui by the Imperial Navy to help deal with Tarkin's corvette, Carrion Spike, after it was stolen by dissidents.[5]

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