The Bounty Brokers Association or BBA was an organization active during the years of the Cold War and Galactic War that handled the bounty contracts for bounty hunters.

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Whenever the amount of posted bounties exceeded the capabilities of professional bounty hunters, the BBA would also assign contracts to other capable individuals, regardless of their affiliation. Maintaining presence on both Galactic Republic's Carrick Station and the Sith Empire's Vaiken Spacedock, the BBA would provide interested individuals with the name and location of the client who posted the bounty. The contractor was then expected the handle the rest of the job involved, such as contacting the client for additional information, gathering clues to the bounty's location from information broker's, tracking, engaging and either killing or apprehending the bounty all by himself. The BBA would then provide the rewards after receiving the proof of the contract's resolution. Newcomers were allowed only to handle less difficult and less rewarding bounties on minor henchmen, the contracts to pursue high-value dangerous targets were only provided to those who already proved themselves to the BBA of being capable to handle a bounty.

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