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"Gronson Takkaro, by the authority of the Bounty Hunters Guild, you are now my acquisition."

The Bounty Hunters' Guild, also known as the Bondsman's Guild, the Bounty Guild, or simply the Guild, was an institution that regulated the bounty-hunting trade.



A guilded bounty hunter

When the guild assigned one of its members to pursue the subject of a government bounty, only that particular hunter was authorized to go after that particular acquisition.[2] Members of the Guild were required to follow the Bounty Hunter Code.[9] During the reign of the Galactic Empire, the guild was given authority by the Imperial Office of Criminal Investigation to issue Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificates, which allowed its holder access to the Imperial Enforcement DataCore.[10]

Sometime after the fall of the Empire, Greef Karga operated on Nevarro and guided fellow hunters as an agent for the Guild,[1] moving from their previous location on Tatooine.[8]


Republic EraEdit

Bossk, a Trandoshan known for hunting Wookiees, became a member of the Bounty Hunters' Guild as early as the Clone Wars.[11]

Imperial EraEdit

"Our agent in the Bounty Hunters Guild reports that sentiment is trending negative toward the Rebellion as the Empire increases its use of guild services. In other words, Cradossk is making a killing."
―Excerpt of Cassian Andor's report to Davits Draven[src]

Dengar, Boba Fett and Bossk were all members of the Guild and took jobs for the Empire.

In the Imperial Era, the Bounty Hunter's Guild was allowed to issue Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificates to their bounty hunters,[10] allowing them access to the Imperial Enforcement Datacore.[2] Prior to the Galactic Civil War, Cradossk, was a notable member of the Guild.[5] After being discharged from Imperial service,[12] Beilert Valance became a bounty hunter and began stealing bounties from members of the Guild, breaking the Bounty Hunter Code. Xonr, a member of the Guild, attempted to confront him along with several other bounty hunters over the stolen bounties. Valance, who had in fact lured them there, proceeded to kill them.[9]

New Republic EraEdit

Hunt for the ChildEdit

"You are a Guild member? I thought I was the only one on assignment."
"That makes two of us.
―IG-11 and the Mandalorian[src]

The Empire eventually fell in 5 ABY in the Battle of Jakku.[13] By 9 ABY,[14] the Guild had operations on the volcanic world of Nevarro[6] and was no longer operating on Tatooine.[8] Greef Karga ran the operations from the cantina in the city.[6]

That year,[14] all of the bounty hunters operating from Nevarro were hired by a member of an Imperial remnant known as "the Client" to capture or kill a target known as "the asset". The asset was being held by a company of Nikto mercenaries at their encampment on Arvala-7. Two Guild members, the droid IG-11 and "the Mandalorian", arrived at the encampment and killed the mercenaries. The pair discovered that the asset was an infant of the same species as the Jedi Grand Master Yoda. Although the Mandalorian wanted to extract the Child alive, IG-11 intended to kill it, and so the Mandalorian shot him in the head to protect the Child.[6]

Bounty Hunters Surround The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian was surrounded by the Guild after he stole back the Child.

Taking the Child back to his ship, the Mandalorian was attacked by three Trandoshan bounty hunters, who were also from the Guild to kill the Child. The Mandalorian defeated the bounty hunters, and after having to repair his ship,[15] returned to Nevarro to hand the Child over the Client. The rest of the Guild despised the Mandalorian for bringing the Child back first, though Karga praised him as his best bounty hunter.[4]

However, having become attached to the Child, the Mandalorian returned to the Client's facility and stole the Child back. After finding their tracking fobs were activating again, the members of the Guild on Nevarro confronted the Mandalorian, spearheaded by Karga. The Mandalorian fought them, killing several before he was pinned down. His Mandalorian allies then arrived and began gunning down the other other bounty hunters. Karga attempted to seize the Child at the Mandalorian's ship but was shot by the Mandalorian, who escaped the planet.[4]

Imperial takeoverEdit

Riot Mar Ship

Riot Mar pursued the Mandalorian in his ship.

With the Mandalorian on the run with the Child, the Client took over Guild operations on Nevarro, occupying the city.[16] Bounty hunters were sent out to track the pair. A Kubaz bounty hunter was able to find them on the planet Sorgan, but was shot by the former rebel shock trooper Cara Dune.[17] The bounty hunter Riot Mar also found the Mandalorian and chased him in his Bounty Hunter Fighter. The Mandalorian, though, maneuvered behind Mar and destroyed his ship with him inside.[8]

With the Mandalorian having evaded the Guild's bounty hunters so far, Karga contacted him, pretending to want to betray the Client. In reality, he planned to kill the bounty hunter and take the Child for the Client. Bringing three loyal Guild members with him, Karga met with the Mandalorian in the Lava fields on Nevarro. The Mandalorian brought his own backup, Dune and the Ugnaught Kuiil, and so the two parties began traveling for the city and set up camp for the night. That night, they were attacked by a number of flying creatures, which took away one of Karga's bounty hunters. Karga was poisoned by one of them, but was saved when the Child used Force healing on him.[16]

Karga Kills Hunters The Mandalorian

Karga betrayed his hunters to save the Mandalorian.

Because of the former night, Karga had a change of mind. The next day his final two bounty hunters made their move to kill the Mandalorian while they looked towards the city on Nevarro. Karga swiftly killed both of them, and revealed to the Mandalorian that his original plan to kill him. The Mandalorian then decided to do the plan Karga initially intended to do which included killing the Client. Karga brought a cuffed Mandalorian and Dune to the city and to the Client. However, before they could kill him, the Client's superior, Moff Gideon, had him killed and confronted Karga and the others.[16]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Bounty Hunters' Guild was first mentioned in the 2014 canon junior novel Ezra's Gamble, written by Ryder Windham.[2] It first appeared in Chapter 1 of Jon Favreau's 2019 television show The Mandalorian, directed by Dave Filoni,[6] which aired on November 12, 2019.[18] The Guild originated in the 1998 Star Wars Legends novel The Mandalorian Armor, written by K. W. Jeter.[19]



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