"If I'm as valuable as you say, Lama Su will keep sending bounty hunters after me."
―Omega, to Clone Force 99[4]

"Bounty Lost" is the ninth episode of the animated web-TV series Star Wars: The Bad Batch. The episode was released on June 25, 2021.[1]

Official description[]

The Batch embark on a rescue mission.

Plot summary[]

Escaping Crosshair[]


Crosshair pursues his former squad

The Marauder is pursued above Bracca by a vengeful Crosshair, who is following in a Nu-class attack/transport shuttle. Crosshair vows not to let his former comrades get away. Tech and Echo helm the Marauder while Wrecker mans the rear turret. Tech wants to jump into hyperspace, but Hunter is determined not to abandon Omega. Echo says that the bounty hunter who took her is long gone and points out they have no chance of finding her if they are shot down. With the rear deflector shields failing, Hunter allows Tech to make the jump. Crosshair glares in rage.

Bane's bounty[]


Cad Bane holds Omega captive

Meanwhile, Omega awakens in a holding cell aboard Cad Bane's starship Justifier, which is traveling through hyperspace. The cell is secured by an energy shield. When Todo 360 hobbles up, using his blown-off leg as a crutch, Omega demands that he let her out. The droid refuses and taunts her that her communication device has been confiscated. Todo warns Omega to cooperate because Cad Bane does not respond well to prisoners who do not cooperate. Bane approaches in full gear and asks how his asset is doing.

Omega insists on being called by her name and asks who he is. Removing his hat, Bane introduces himself. Omega asks where he's taking her, but he and Todo simply walk away. Omega says that he'll be sorry when her friends come for her. Bane claims that her friends are long gone and that nobody is coming, warning her to sit tight and not cause any trouble. Todo asks Bane if he can fix his leg, but the bounty hunter ignores him and enters the cockpit.

Kaminoan asset[]

Bane contacts the Kaminoan Prime Minister Lama Su, telling him that Omega is alive and insists on getting the premium. Lama Su warns Bane to keep the quarry alive. Bane tells Lama Su to bring the unmarked credits to their prearranged coordinates.

On Kamino, the scientist Nala Se tells Lama Su that she will deliver the credits to Bane and retrieve Omega. The Prime Minister disagrees since her personal interest in the young clone has threatened their operation enough already. Lama Su instead sends Taun We to rendezvous with Bane at the abandoned facility on Bora Vio. He instructs her to pay the bounty hunter and to bring back their property. We obliges. Lama Su also orders that Omega be confined to the sublevel facility. Once they have retrieved her genetic material, he orders that Omega be terminated. Nala Se looks troubled but remains silent.

Meanwhile, Todo grumbles about Hunter shooting off his leg. Omega tells Todo that Hunter was protecting her and that's what friends do. Omega asks Todo 360 why Bane isn't helping him. Todo 360 says that Bane is very busy as he attempts to repair his own leg but drops a metal tool. Taking pity on Todo 360, Omega offers to help him fix his leg, explaining that it is a simple booster adjustment which she has done a bunch of times for AZI-3 on Kamino. Todo 360 scoffs at Omega's suggestion, saying that he is a techno-service droid who is capable of repairing himself. The droid does not trust Omega, who is a prisoner. Omega allows him to have it his way.

Rescue plans[]

While consulting the old Republic databases, Echo recognizes the bounty hunter who kidnapped Omega as Cad Bane, who had multiple run-ins with the Jedi and attempted to kidnap Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Wrecker asks why the bounty hunter on Pantora and Bane want Omega. Walking up, Tech says that Omega is more valuable than they realized. After analyzing her genetic structure, he discovered that she has pure first-generation DNA. Wrecker asks what that means.

Tech explains that all clones were created from the genetic template of Jango Fett. While their genetic structure was modified for growth acceleration and obedience, Omega is a pure genetic replication. Hunter asks how many clones like that exist. Tech says that to his knowledge the only other similar pure genetic replication is a male clone originally named Alpha, but later referred to as Boba. Since he disappeared at the start of the Clone Wars, Omega was the sole known remaining living source of Fett's raw genetic material. Echo realizes that the Kaminoans must have put the bounty on Omega since she is valuable to their cloning efforts. When Wrecker asks how they will find this bounty hunter, Hunter tells Tech to contact Ciddarin Scaleback to seek information from her contacts.

Tricking Todo 360[]


Todo 360 talks to Omega

Back aboard the Justifier, Todo 360 struggles to repair himself. Omega tries to advise the droid how to better perform the repairs, telling him that he needs to connect the servos in his hip first. Todo 360 says he is trying to do that. Omega offers to help him but he reminds her that she is his prisoner. Omega says that she is a prisoner on Bane's ship and could not escape a ship into space, to which Todo 360 agrees. Omega adds that she is only a kid. Todo 360 relents but tells her to "make it quick" and not to tell anyone he let her out.

Omega agrees and Todo 360 unlocks the force field outside her cell. Omega gets to work and Todo 360 warns her not to do anything "funny". He warns that Cad Bane will be back shortly. Omega asks how long he has been working for Bane. Todo 360 says he has been working for the bounty hunter for many years and that he is Bane's confidant and that they are a team. Omega asks if this is true since Bane is not really that nice to him.

Todo 360 says he is satisfied with his lot in life. When Omega asks about how her first attempt went, the droid tells her that she will still need to adjust the calibration but to be careful. Omega tells him to relax since she has done it before. Having fixed his legs, she works on his head but shuts him down. Omega apologizes and then searches for her comm device.

Escape attempt[]

Meanwhile, Cad Bane takes the Justifier out of hyperspace above Bora Vio. The ship descends into the planet's atmosphere. Bane contacts Todo 360 since he needs help navigating through the clouds. Meanwhile, Omega searches for her comlink. Bane lands the Justifier on a floating platform. Bane still calls out for Todo 360. After receiving no reply, he heads down to the cargo bay while Omega finds her comlink.

Bane soon finds that Todo 360 has been deactivated. He awakens the droid, whose legs have been repaired. Bane demands to know where the "kid" is. Todo 360 claims that Omega is in her cell, but the duo find she has escaped. Bane tells the droid to wait here. Omega runs out onto the landing platform and tries to contact the Bad Batch on her comm device.

Meanwhile, Echo says that Cid doesn't know about Bane's whereabouts and told them they are on their own. Hunter picks up Omega's long range transmission, and Echo boosts Omega's signal. She tells them that she is "here" but doesn't know where she is. Wrecker says they are coming for her but Echo warns that the signal is too weak to establish a direct connection trace. Hunter tells Omega to find a door panel similar to the one on Tipoca City. Tech gets her to relay her position by creating a power surge and asks her to find a panel.

Tech tells Omega to activate it, causing the door to open. Tech then tells her to reroute the circuit in order to overload the main grid. However, Bane catches up with her, telling her that "by crook or by hook," she will come with him. As he cuffs her, Tech says he is still struggling to get a good read. Omega calls Hunter for help but Bane crushes the comm device with his boot.

The return of Shand[]

Cad Bane drags Omega

Cad Bane drags Omega in cuffs

Aboard the Justifier, Todo 360 is happy about his newly repaired legs. He detects an unidentified ship approaching. Bane tells him to check it out while he drags Omega. Omega protests but Bane tells her that she is lucky that they want her alive. Omega asks who wants her but Bane tells her that she will soon find out. Omega tells him that he will be sorry when her friends show up. Bane orders her to be silent.

Sensing movement, he drags her through a misty corridor. They soon find Taun We lying on the floor dead. Omega wants to help her but Bane tells her that they can't help. Fennec Shand surfaces out of the mist and raises her blaster at Bane. Shand holds a case of credit chits in the other hand. After Shand greets him, Bane tells her that she has no business messing with his score. Shand tells him that he of all people should know that it is all about the price. Shand says that Omega was her score first and says that she and Omega go "way back."

Bane derides Shand as inexperienced but Shand counters that she has the payment. Bane insists that the case belongs to him and tells her to hand it over and he will let her walk out alive. Shand proposes a trade of the case for the girl. Bane says that sounds fair but demands Shand go first. Before she can respond, Todo 360 grabs the case. A blaster battle breaks out and Bane and Shand dodge blaster bolts. Bane hurls a thermal detonator at Shand but she kicks it out of harm's way. Todo 360 narrowly avoids being crushed by rubble and flies out the window and near the flying platform. However, the droid drops some of the credit chits.

As Shand and Bane exchange fire, Omega flees. Bane orders Todo 360 to find "the kid." Omega flees into a dark corridor while Bane taunts Shand. He attempts to close in on Shand but narrowly avoids being blown up by an explosive. Omega flees deeper into the platform where she finds several green tanks containing frozen creatures. Omega begins powering up the console and finds a long-range transmitter, which she uses to send a signal to the Bad Batch.

Echo picks up her signal and finds that she is in the Lido system. Wrecker asks where exactly in the Lido system. Echo searches for the exact coordinates. The Marauder departs into space. Meanwhile, Todo 360 attends to Bane, who has been knocked out by the explosion. With his master still unconscious, Todo 360 vows to complete his task and not to fail him.

Rival hunters[]

Rescue of Omega

Omega in the communications center

Meanwhile, Shand corners Omega in the communications center. She claims that her friends won't get there in time and that the only person she can rely on is herself. When she asks why she killed Taun We, Shand says that it was part of the job. Shand says that she should thank her because what the Kaminoan Prime Minister has planned for her is far worse that why she is here. Omega asks what the Prime Minister wants her for. Shand says that she already knows the answer.

Omega peers at the lifeforms inside the green tanks. Shand claims that she is trying to help Omega. Omega distrusts her due to their earlier encounter on Pantora. Just then, Todo 360 corners Omega and attempts to apprehend her. However, Omega kicks Todo 360 into one of the green tanks, which begins to crack. Omega returns to the console but Shand tells her that it is too late for that and that it is time to go.


Fennec Shand and Omega face-to-face

Just then, one of the green tanks collapses and shatters on Shand. An unconscious gray skinned alien contained within the tank lands on top of Shand, who grumbles. Omega heads to the edge of the floating platform where she spots flying pods below. However, Bane catches up with her and says that "play time" is over. However, Shand uses a net-liked device to knock Bane's blaster from his hand. She pulls Omega aside and engages Bane in hand to hand combat. Bane headbutts her, knocking her down.

Bane confronts Omega but Shand resurfaces and fights Bane. Omega takes the opportunity to flee down a manhole, climbing down a ladder towards the landing platform. Todo 360, who is equipped with repulsorlifts, soon catches up with Omega but she manages to slide down the ladder. Omega flees up the ladder and kicks Todo 360 aside. Todo 360 grabs her leg but she kicks him away. When he charges at her, she rides on top of him and the two fall onto the lower platform.

Above on the upper platform, Shand and Bane continue fighting. On the flight platform, Omega walks past a short-circuiting Todo 360 and climbs up a flight of stairs into a flight pod. Todo 360 recovers and flies up. Meanwhile, Shand and Bane are locked in a stalemate. Todo 360 approaches Omega and asks where she thinks she is going. However, Omega rockets off in the flight pod. Todo 360 tells her that she will be sorry for this just before he is blasted away by the force of her ascent.

As Bane kicks Shand in the head, Todo 360 warns him via comlink that Omega is escaping. He orders Todo 360 to get back to the Justifier before using his flamethrower to drive Shand away. Shand restrains him with a rope trap and kicks him over the edge of the platform. However, Bane activates the repulsor-lifts in his boots' rockets to safety.


Meanwhile, Omega's flight pod runs out of fuel and descends into the clouds. Just then, something catches the pod. A manhole opens above the top of her escape pod. Omega is greeted by Wrecker and the two embrace. Wrecker carries Omega aboard the Marauder where she is also greeted by Hunter, Echo and Gonky. The Marauder flies away. A sobbing Omega hugs Hunter, who asks if she is okay and if she is hurt.

Omega asks why this is happening and asks why the Kaminoans are after her. Echo tells Hunter to tell Omega the truth. Hunter tells Omega that she is more valuable to them than all of the other clones, even more than the Bad Batch. He tells her that she is different. Omega asks how.

Conflicting interests[]

Aboard the Justifier, Bane tells Todo 360 to get them into the air. Todo 360 says he is trying but the ship's systems are not responding. The engines briefly fire before switching off. Todo 360 says that they appear to have been sabotaged. Bane watches in rage as Shand flies away in her starship.

Meanwhile, Shand is contacted by Nala Se, who requests an update. Shand tells her that Omega was rescued by the same clones that she encountered on Pantora. She says that she can track them but that will cost extra. Nala Se tells Shand that Omega is safe as long as she is not in the hands of Lama Su. Nala Se says that she will transfer her payment. Shand says that if she changes her mind she knows how to reach her.

While the Bad Batch is resting, Omega walks into the cockpit and sits beside Hunter. Omega says that she keeps thinking about the Kaminoans, seeing that place. She says that she doesn't want to end up as an experiment in a tube. Omega fears that since she is valuable, Lama Su will keep sending bounty hunters after her. Hunter says that Lama Su can send everyone in the galaxy but she has them. Omega says that they can't fight them all. Hunter tells her not to worry because she is not going back to Kamino. Omega asks him to promise and Hunter says he promises. Omega smiles.


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