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"Alright, you don't have to gloat, you little worm. Everyone knows how good you are at catching people by surprise."
Lando Calrissian, to Leia disguised as Boushh[src]

Boushh was a male Ubese from Uba IV who worked as a bounty hunter. Following his little-known demise at the hands of the Black Sun crime syndicate, Princess Leia Organa impersonated him in order to infiltrate Jabba's Palace and free Han Solo.


«I have come for the bounty on this Wookiee.»
―Leia Organa impersonating Boushh[src]
Leia Organ Boushh AtG

Leia Organa wearing Boushh's armor

Originally from Uba IV, Boushh secured a reputation for himself as a formidable and dangerous bounty hunter[1] who worked for many paymasters.[4] In 4 ABY,[5] Boushh traveled to Ord Mantell, where he encountered Princess Leia Organa and the Wookiee Chewbacca. After being stunned by Maz Kanata, Kanata suggested to Organa that Boushh's armor was a solution in her attempts to rescue Han Solo.[6] Eventually Boushh's career ended when he tried to blackmail the Black Sun crime syndicate,[4] which resulted in his death. Taking advantage of the fact that Boushh's demise wasn't widely known, Organa used his armor and helmet for infiltration missions.[1] On one such occasion, Organa utilized the armor on Arkanis in order to rescue Lando Calrissian from bounty hunters, including Bossk.[7]

Her ruse failed to fool Jabba who, prior to Organa's entrance into his Palace, had been informed by Boba Fett that it would not actually be Boushh under the helmet. Jabba presumed that it was actually a smuggler using Boushh's armor and helmet.[8]


Boushh's distinctive bounty-hunter gear included an all-leather outfit, gloves, and a head-concealing helmet with a metal speech scrambler and head bracket equipped with a vision-plus scanner and built-in targeting laser. Boushh wielded a long lance tipped with a shock blade.[9]

Behind the scenesEdit

Boushh was created for the 1983 Star Wars film Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. In the film, Leia Organa impersonates Boushh in an attempt to negotiate with Jabba the Hutt about the price of Chewbacca. Boushh's vocal sounds while communicating with Jabba were provided by Pat Welsh. In Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, Boushh was voiced by Matt Lanter.


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