"Right on schedule. Bovo Yagen is next. That's confirmed, too. No rumor. Estimated system population twelve million—if you want to believe estimates after today. And they're spread out over two inhabited planets and dozens of stations, asteroids and habitats. If we couldn't pull ten or fifteen thousand people out of this system, what the hell are we going to do there?"
"I don't know. I don't know."
Bril Parry and Wedge Antilles after the destruction of Thanta Zilbra[src]

Bovo Yagen was a planet near the Corellian Trade Route. It was home to the native Bovorians who were later joined by a family of settlers led by a former Imperial captain named Bovo Yagen. Initially the natives were wary of Yagen and his family due to some negative contacts with other Humans in the past. After Yagen and his family proved that they had nothing but good intentions, the Bovorians welcomed them and allowed them to stay.

Over the next several years, more traders and refugees from the Empire discovered the planet and settled there. After the demise of Yagen and the later demise of the Empire, the inhabitants of Bovo Yagen made themselves known to the rest of the Galaxy and prospered because of it.

During the First Corellian Insurrection, the Bovo Yagen system was the second inhabited star system targeted for destruction by the Sacorrian Triad after the Thanta Zilbra system. The twelve million inhabitants of Bovo Yagen, however, did not meet the same fate as the inhabitants of Thanta Zilbra due to the actions of a seven-year-old child .

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