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"As Rukil told us, it is not an easy life. Our children will grow up in a world of spears and bows, not blasters and starships."

Bows were primitive weapons that fired arrows used for hunting, sport, or combat. Advanced versions were also made for high-tech worlds.


An ancient design used thousands of years prior to the introduction of blaster weapons, bows were eclipsed by newer technology. Many primitive races still used them to great effect, whether for hunting food or killing enemies.

A bow was made either of wood with stone or metal enhancements or durable, lightweight composite materials depending upon whether it was primitive or advanced, respectively. The user's strength could affect the range and power of the weapon. Depending on the construction of the bow, as well as the user's strength, the maximum range of a bow was roughly 66 meters. However, bows that where made for non-humans, such as the Sakiyan Pulley bow, could propel an arrow much farther, and with far more force than bows built for humans.


Onderonians hunting with bows.

During the Ruusan campaign, the Jedi Petja used a bow, despite the availability of modern blasters. His reason for such a preference is unknown. While hunting Terentatek on Kashyyyk, Guun Han Saresh used a more advanced compound bow to kill an animal for use as bait.

The Ewoks of Endor demonstrated the effectiveness of bows in combating Imperial stormtroopers. Using tactical advantages to their cause—height, surprise attack, numbers—the Ewoks could rival the stormtroopers' advanced weaponry, and felled many Imperials. However, many Ewoks still died from Imperial counterfire. Even Boba Fett used a bow when hunting Kardue'sai'Malloc, better known as The Butcher of Montellian Serat. He knew his opponent had highly-sensitive sensor equipment that would detect any of his "normal" weapons. Similarly, bows could be seen on high-tech planets used for sport.



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