"Have you ever wanted to be a pirate? I know I sure have. I spent over 20 years in the Imperial Navy combating pirates, blowing up ships, and being struck in the head, I found out something about myself! I want to be a pirate!"
―Boyrake, to a spacer[src]

Boyrake was an Imperial Naval officer of the Galactic Empire during the Imperial Period. Boyrake joined the Imperial Navy shortly after the formation of the Empire and had a long career that lasted over twenty years, eventually reaching the rank of captain. During this career, Boyrake mostly fought space pirates and unwittingly developed some kind of admiration for them. By the time of the Battle of Yavin, Captain Boyrake retired after being injured in a battle. Struck in the head, Boyrake realized he always wanted to be a pirate. The Imperial Captain retired on the planet Lok and started to gather information about local pirates, notably the Canyon Corsairs.[1] Around 1 ABY,[2] Boyrake encountered a spacer in the Imperial Outpost on Lok and provided the location of the Canyon Corsair's Stronghold to this adventurer.[1]

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Boyrake was a non-player character (NPC) in the 2003 video game Star Wars Galaxies, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Sony Online Entertainment and published by LucasArts,[1] prior to its closure on December 15, 2011.[3]

Due to the nature of some characters in Galaxies, Boyrake's gender and appearance was randomized during each server reset. This NPC was only known as "a commoner" in the game. The name "Boyrake" appeared in the "waypoint" to the Canyon Corsair's Stronghold provided to the player upon talking with the NPC.[1]

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