The Boys of Corus were a mercenary band from the Corus system. Among their membership was the Lepi Jaxxon, who learned his marksmanship while doing jobs with the group. However, on a mission to the Corporate Sector, they were double-crossed, and the band was scattered.[1] One of Jaxxon's rivals, a H'nemthe named Dafi, lost his starship and a finger on each hand in the botched Corporate Sector run, blaming Jaxxon for it and turning from rivalry to bitter enmity.[2] The disastrous mission put an end to the Boys of Corus, and they disbanded, going their separate ways. After leaving the group, Jaxxon returned to Nar Shaddaa and pursued a career as a smuggler, eventually buying the Rabbit's Foot.[1]

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The "boys of Corus" is a reference by "The Starhoppers of Aduba-3" author Pablo Hidalgo to Bugs Bunny, the cartoon character that Jaxxon was based upon. The name is an allusion to the "Boys of the Chorus", a memorable line which Bugs Bunny says several time in the Looney Tunes short, What's Up, Doc?.[3] In telling his life story, Bugs refers to several of his stage performances, only for it to be revealed that in each he was a chorus boy, coming on stage only to sing the exact same lines, "Oh, we're the boys of the chorus / We hope you like our show / We know you're rooting for us / But now we have to go!"[4]

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