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"I'm Boz, and this here's my buddy Ry-Kooda, and he's real mad, see? You better tell him quick how come his little brother's dead!"
―Boz, to the pirates at the bar[3]

Boz was a Lizling male and the companion of the aggressive Herglic Ry-Kooda by 10 ABY. That year, after the pair learned that the bounty hunter Boba Fett had killed Ry-Kooda's brother, Bar-Kooda, they set out to take vengeance upon Fett and a trio of Hutts who had been involved with the murder—Orko, Gorga, and Anachro. On the planet Skeebo, Boz and his friends caught up with the Hutts and attacked Orko's starship but were shot down in their own ship by the bandit-like Skavers of Skeebo, who had also kidnapped Anachro and were holding the Hutt for ransom.

On the surface, Boz and Ry-Kooda saw Fett, who was aiming to free Anachro from the Skavers' clutches, and they set off after him. However, the bounty hunter defeated Boz's companion by downing the ceiling of a mine on the strongarm, preventing Boz and the Herglic from gaining their revenge. Nevertheless, Boz's companion survived, and the two exacted their revenge on Orko, killing him in his palace in the Orkana territory of the planet Tatooine. Shortly thereafter, a showdown ensued between Boz, Ry-Kooda, Fett, and the two surviving Hutts—a skirmish that saw Fett kill Ry-Kooda, leading Boz to swear to get even with the bounty hunter someday.


"I'm not afraid of you! I'll take you both on! C'mon, put 'em up! I'll decimate ya! I'll bifurcate ya! I'll annihilate ya!"
―Boz acts tough with the two pirates[1]

Boz was a Lizling male[2] who was a close companion of the aggressive[3] Herglic[4] Ry-Kooda. While in a bar on the planet Rutal IV in 10 ABY, Boz learned from the former crew of the pirate Bar-Kooda, Ry-Kooda's brother, that Bar-Kooda had been slain. Boz found Ry-Kooda and brought the Herglic to the bar to learn the details from the crew members. Boz and his enraged friend learned that the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett had done the deed and that Bar-Kooda's corpse had been served at the feast that celebrated the wedding of the two Hutts Gorga and Anachro, the latter of whom was Orko the Hutt's daughter. This information about his brother's death made Ry-Kooda furious, and he proceeded to take out the support columns of the bar with his sword, dumping the ceiling on the lot. However, this did not harm anyone, and Boz persuaded some of the crew members to join him and the Herglic on a mission to exact revenge on Fett and the Hutts.[3]

Tracking the Hutts via the shipping register to the planet Skeebo, the group took Ry-Kooda's starship there in pursuit of the Hutts. On Skeebo, they came across Orko's vessel and engaged it in aerial combat. Orko was on Skeebo because during his honeymoon there with Anachro, the criminal gang known as the Skavers had kidnapped his wife. Ry-Kooda's starship pursued Orko's until the Skavers accidentally shot down the former with a missile intended for Orko's vessel. Upon exiting the crashed ship, Boz and his group were confronted with the sight of Fett, who was attempting to rescue Anachro, attacking the Skavers. The Lizling and the angered Herglic, along with their band of pirate crew, found a nearby Skaver vehicle with only a single surviving Skaver left to pilot it, and they commandeered the vehicle. The group headed after Fett and came across him in the mouth of a mine shaft, which was an entrance to the Skaver lair.[3]

Boz insults Boba Fett during the final showdown.

Fett, who was transporting the rescued Anachro in the back of a rail truck down the mine shaft, drove the vehicle into Ry-Kooda, knocking him into a support pillar and sending Anachro flying. She landed on the group of pirates and the lone Skaver driver, who had fled at their first chance to be rid of Ry-Kooda and Boz. A pitched battle soon ensued, with the Herglic battling the bounty hunter while Boz urged Ry-Kooda on the whole time. The fight ended with Fett bringing down the ceiling of the mine with a concussion grenade, which buried Ry-Kooda under some rubble, though Boz managed to escape the falling debris. However, as Boz ran away from the blast, a piece of shrapnel severed his tail.[3]

After Fett left the scene with Anachro, Boz remained and was dismayed that Ry-Kooda was buried beneath the ruble and seemingly dead. Two of the pirate crew members who had survived the Hutt's fall approached Boz from behind, preparing to shoot him to get rid of him and escape from Ry-Kooda's leadership. Boz attempted to act tough to intimidate the pirates, though this failed, and the Lizling was only saved after the Herglic burst from the wreckage, very much alive. Due to their fear of Ry-Kooda, the pirates left Boz alone and were once again forced to work for him. Still on their path of revenge against Fett and the Hutts, the group traveled to Orkana,[1] a heavily polluted territory on the planet Tatooine,[5] where Orko had a palace. Ry-Kooda killed Orko after scaling the walls of the palace and ate some of the Hutt while Boz watched. The group also found Anachro, who left Gorga and came to Orkana when she heard of Orko's death.[1]

Ry-Kooda tipped over her landspeeder with a projectile from a rocket launcher, and, while Boz and Ry-Kooda were preoccupied with the Hutt, Gorga and a small squad of soldiers arrived to help his wife. However, this did Anachro little good, and the Herglic would have eaten her had Fett not shown up and shot Ry-Kooda. The massive Herglic was uninjured by the blasts, and a final duel between Ry-Kooda and Fett commenced, with both sides using a variety of objects and tools varying from jetpacks to pieces of metal junk on the ground to gain the upper hand. Throughout the battle, Boz encouraged his friend and insulted Fett whenever he could. However, the bounty hunter proved victorious after he shot darts into the Herglic's eyes and fired upon him with his blaster, forcing Ry-Kooda into a pool of toxic waste. The deadly material incinerated Ry-Kooda, leaving Boz without a partner. Enraged, Boz charged Fett, vowing to kill him in revenge, but the bounty hunter kicked him away.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"This universe isn't big enough for both of us, Boba Fett!"
―Boz vows vengeance against Boba Fett[1]

At some point, Boz befriended the violent Ry-Kooda and became almost a sidekick for him.[3] Boz was pugnacious and perpetually urged Ry-Kooda to take his revenge as the two pursued Boba Fett and the Hutts. Whenever Ry-Kooda became enraged after just hearing Fett's name, Boz directed his friend's focus on the task at hand. During both of their encounters with Fett, Boz was in the thick of the fighting, insulting Fett and encouraging the Herglic.[1][3] When the two pirates confronted Boz after the mine shaft collapsed on Ry-Kooda, Boz thought he could take them both out with his fists, even though they had blasters and were larger. Although Boz did not have Ry-Kooda execute the pair for trying to shoot him, he did not forget the incident and warned them not to cross him again. After Fett slew Ry-Kooda, Boz was furious and swore that he would get even with the bounty hunter someday.[1]


Diminutive in size, Boz wore a pair of pants that were held up by a belt and pointed shoes on his feet. He also wore a cap of sorts on his head.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Boz first appeared in Boba Fett: When the Fat Lady Swings and Boba Fett: Murder Most Foul, the final two issues of a comic book miniseries pertaining to Boba Fett. Both comics were written by John Wagner and published by Dark Horse Comics. When the Fat Lady Swings was released in 1996, while Murder Most Foul was put out in 1997. Boz later received an entry in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.



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