The Bp.2 anti-infantry turret was a light emplacement weapon built for Imperial forces by Taim & Bak during the Galactic Civil War. Consisting of a self-powered rapid-firing blaster cannon mounted on a fully rotatable turret base, it could easily defeat most attacks by infantry and was particularly effective against soldiers in close formation. Firing a stream of blasts every few seconds, it was also capable of damaging or destroying lighter vehicles, though it had little effect on any moderate or heavy armor plate.

The Bp.2 was part of a series of basic turrets built by Taim & Bak specifically for sale to the Imperial Army in order to give them an edge in the competitive Galactic weapons market. It was readily adopted by Imperial garrisons and saw widespread action, particularly earlier in the Galactic Civil War. Other turrets in the series included the Bp.4 anti-vehicle turret and the Bp.5 anti-aircraft turret.

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