The Bp.4 anti-vehicle turret was a light emplacement weapon built for Imperial forces by Taim & Bak during the Galactic Civil War. The turret consisted of a powerful blaster cannon mounted on a base that allowed it to turn a full 360 degrees in order to defeat enemies approaching from any direction. It included its own power generator, removing the need for external linkages and allowing the turret to continue operating even after the destruction of a base's main power generator. The cannon itself fired in bursts of several shots, with a short interval between bursts to allow the gun's capacitors to recharge. Bp.4 turrets could easily destroy light vehicles, seriously damage middle-weight enemy craft and, in numbers, bring down even the most impressive enemy vehicles such as the Rebel T4-B heavy tank.

The Bp.4 was part of a series of basic turrets built by Taim & Bak specifically for sale to the Imperial Army in order to give them an edge in the competitive Galactic weapons market. It was readily adopted by Imperial garrisons and saw widespread action, particularly earlier in the Galactic Civil War. Other turrets in the series included the Bp.2 anti-infantry turret and the Bp.5 anti-aircraft turret.

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