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Amee wearing braces.

Braces were a type of medical implement worn by individuals on their teeth.


Braces were known to be in use at least around the time of 32 BBY, during which the Human Amee from Tatooine was known to have worn braces.

Behind the scenesEdit

The appearance of braces in The Phantom Menace was a result of the fact that Katie Lucas, the actress who portrayed Amee, was herself wearing braces at the time.

Non-canon appearancesEdit

In her final year in the middle school portion of the Jedi academy at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Gaiana, one of the Jedi Padawan[1] [sic][2] training at the school, returned from spring break wearing braces. Though Cronah, a fellow student and school bully, teased her for it, none of the other students made an issue of it. Roan Novachez, her boyfriend, comforted her by telling her that his brother, Davin Novachez, had once had to wear braces.[1]


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