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Brador was a blue furred Ewok from Endor. He was a member of Bright Tree Village. Brador owned a stubborn Bordok at some point prior to the Battle of Endor, and he had trouble getting it to move. The day that Teebo was in charge of the village when Chief Chirpa and Logray left on an errand, saw Teebo hitting Brador's Bordok on the rear. Brador announced that the one thing you could not do with this Bordok, was exactly what Teebo had done. The Bordok went stampeding through the village on a rampage. Property was destroyed, including a new house and some clothes lines. The Melons Brador was going to sell were also destroyed. Sadly, he had to pay for the damaged property, and thus he was very mad at Teebo. Brador then led a angry mob after Teebo, chasing him out of the village.

Shortly, Brador and the other Ewoks were captured and put under a spell by some foreign pirates. The pirates planned on using them as slaves. Teebo's quick wit managed to get Wicket Warwick out of the spell. Teebo and Wicket then rescued the whole captured tribe, and the Ewoks celebrated Teebo, including Brador, who put young Teebo on his shoulders.

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