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"Your draconian tactics won't work on me, Captain Bragg."
"That would be a first."
―Avi Singh and Captain Bragg[1]

Bragg was a human female who served as a captain in the Galactic Empire following the end of the Clone Wars in 19 BBY. Tasked with promoting cooperation from the uneasy population of Raxus, the former Confederacy of Independent Systems capital, she liaised with its senator, Avi Singh, to get the residents onboard. Bragg addressed the people of Raxus during a gathering, and brought forth Singh to help her. However, the senator defied the Empire, leading the captain to have him arrested and scatter the crowd.

Bragg had Singh imprisoned for interrogation at his residence. But as she began the interrogation, the rogue clone commando unit known as the Bad Batch intervened and stunned her and her colleagues. After regaining consciousness, Bragg located the Bad Batch to a captured All Terrain Tactical Enforcer and reported it to her forces, ordering them to pin the rogue clones down. The Bad Batch ultimately escaped with Singh and his RA-7 protocol droid GS-8.


Enforcing Imperial rule[]

"To deal with the rise in incursions, a mandatory curfew will be put into effect for your protection. Such measures were approved by your esteemed senator, Avi Singh, who would like to say a few words about the importance of cooperation as we build a unified galaxy."
―Bragg addresses the people of Raxus[1]

In the wake of the Clone Wars[1] between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which ended in 19 BBY,[2] Bragg served in the military of the Galactic Empire, the Republic's successor, with the rank of captain.[1] As a loyal enforcer of the Empire, she was tasked with securing local support during the Imperial occupation of Raxus,[3] which had served as the Confederate capital during the Clone Wars.[4] Bragg attempted to work with Raxus' Senator Avi Singh to ensure the cooperation of the world's population, which had shown resistance against the Empire, and a speech was arranged at the former Confederacy's senate building in the city of Raxulon.[1]

Bragg speaks before the people of Raxus

With residents of Raxus gathered before the senate building, Bragg came forward to address them from a balcony, assuring the people that the Empire was not their enemy. The captain added that the Separatist planets would be treated fairly in exchange for loyalty, which she stressed had not been displayed by Raxus' population. As her speech continued, she announced a curfew to deal with incursions that had taken place, much to the dismay of the crowd. Promising that Singh had approved of this, she gave the que for the senator to speak about cooperation. Singh implored his people to follow the Empire's law but then had a change of heart, choosing to then condemn the Imperial occupation. Bragg had her clone troopers arrest the senator and ordered for the crowd to be scattered.[1]

Failed interrogations[]

"Defying Imperial law and openly inciting civil discord. I thought we had an understanding, Senator."
"I refuse to be your puppet. My loyalty is to the people not the Empire."
"An unwise choice. Regardless, we will acquire what we need from you."
―Bragg and Avi Singh[1]

Bragg visits Avi Singh for interrogation

Singh was imprisoned in a bar at his residence, where Bragg brought an IT-O Interrogation Unit in to interrogate him. After the captain poured herself a drink and expressed disappointment in his actions, Singh proclaimed that his loyalty was to his people. Bragg called it an unwise choice and brought forth her interrogator droid to get information from her captive. That was when the door to the room opened and a smoke bomb was thrown inside. The attackers, the rogue clone commando unit known as the Bad Batch, stunned Bragg's two clone troopers before stunning the captain herself and her droid.[1]

The rogue clones rescued Singh, assisted by his RA-7 protocol droid GS-8, and escaped the building onto an All Terrain Tactical Enforcer which the unit captured. After regaining consciousness, Bragg and her two troopers followed the Bad Batch's trail to a balcony which they had ziplined from and watched as the captured walker fled from the building. The captain reported the captured All Terrain Tactical Enforcer to her forces and ordered them to pin it down. However, despite the efforts of Bragg's forces, the Bad Batch was able to escape Raxus with Singh and GS-8.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"The Empire is not your enemy. We promise to treat all planets under the Confederacy of Independent Systems fairly. All we asked in exchange was for your loyalty. Yet that has not been forthcoming here on Raxus."
―Bragg calls for cooperation from the people of Raxus[1]

Bragg was a human female with light skin, black hair, and blue eyes. She promoted loyalty for the Empire, stressing the importance of cooperation to the uneasy residents of Raxus. The captain also expressed confidence in her alignment and methods, jibing at Singh's arrogance against the Empire and her interrogation droid.[1]


"They've commandeered one of the walkers. Pin them down."
―Bragg speaks over her comlink[1]

Bragg wore the standard grey uniform of an Imperial officer, including an Imperial kepi and a rank plaque which displayed four red squares in a line to define her rank of captain. She also used a comlink to contact her forces.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Bragg appeared in "Common Ground," the tenth episode of the animated television series Star Wars: The Bad Batch, which was directed by Saul Ruiz[1] and aired on July 2, 2021.[5] She was voiced by Shelby Young.[1]



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